About Tonewood

Tone Wood International prides itself on being utterly dedicated to tone wood for string instruments.
The company has been conceived to create a specific environment totally orientated to supply the greatest contemporary string instrument makers with the best wood available in the world to suit their specific requirements.
However, TWI also cares for violinmakers whose budget is limited and for students (violin schools) seeking wood to further develop their skills at a minimum cost. The company’s philosophy is based on the idea of being a tool to promote better services to violinmakers and the violin making industry in general. TWI considers Maple wood (acer pseudoplatanus) from the Balkans to embody the greatest attributes to serve in the making of grand and exceptional instruments in the line of the outstanding Italian instrument makers Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri Del Gesù etc… It thus follows that violin makers will find the highest and most original wood quality on the market in our warehouse, including spruce from the legendary Paneveggio forest.

To best serve violinmakers, Tone Wood International registers each tree with a number. This number will follow each piece of wood taken from it. Hence, if a violinmaker wishes to reorder a piece of wood from the original tree from his first order, he/she only has to quote the reference number. Giampaolo, the website manager, will search through our 250,000 wood pieces database to satisfy the new order. Tone Wood International will keep in reserve a minimum number of pieces of each tree to better serve clients in the future and create a high standard continuity in our dedication to violinmakers and their specific needs.

TWI prides itself on stocking seasoned wood from 1985 to today, and 100 years old Pernambuco wood for bow-makers.
NB: Special high grade, rare, vintage seasoned wood is not for sale on our Internet website, it is only available at the warehouse in Cremona or on request. For more information please contact info@tonewoodinternational.comTone Wood International maintains in house a wide range of accessories from Lorenz pegs, ebony fingerboards, purflings, etc...